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PHILM, featuring Gerry Nestler (CIVIL DEFIANCE) on vocals, guitar and piano, bassist Pancho Tomaselli (WAR, PROJECT N-FIDELIKAH), and Grammy Award winning Venezuelan-born drummer, Anderson Quintero, have announced plans for a 10” vinyl EP to inaugurate the band’s new line-up. Slated for an early 2017 release, the EP will contain three songs, the 11-minute title track, “Time Burner”, along with “Cries of the Century” and “The Seventh Sun”; the lyric video for the latter is premiering exclusively via Revolver Magazine.

“We’ve just licensed the artwork for the EP and are getting everything ready for the pressing plant but we won’t have copies available until the new year”, reveals Nestler. “At the same time we wanted to give the fans a taste of what’s to come, so we decided to leak a track. 'The Seventh Sun' is one of the last things we recorded in L.A. with engineer/producer Chris Sorem prior to our moving to the East Coast. I think the cut is proof positive that PHILM is as vital and strong as ever and that we’ve made a smooth transition with Anderson on board. The EP is a continuation of what we’ve done musically on our first two full-length albums but at the same time, we’re not shying away from exploring new ground. The song 'Time Burner' will probably throw some people for a loop because it’s a very jazz oriented piano-based piece, something we’ve never done within the framework of this band but can do now with Anderson on drums.”

The Seventh Sun

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